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blitz Magazine .Com

The purpose of Blitz Magazine was to bring a high-end media communications magazine to Western Canada. is your source for Baby and New Parent Data and Marketing Solutions to reach new parents.  

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Featured Magazine

Business Magazines - Management


The HBR is the worlds premier business intellectual magazine. Terrific ideas for the business minds around the globe. Subscribe today for 51% off the cover price. Harvard Business Review has been published since 1922 by Harvard Business School Publishing, and is owned by the Harvard Business School. The magazine is a research-based publication, allowing readers access to incredible business insight.

Business Magazines - Money

Forbes #

At a $1.15 an issue you can't go wrong. No multi-year requirement. If you are interested in money - this is the magazine for you. Forbes has been the source for business information for many years. A terrific discount at 77% off the cover price. Save almost $100 dollars off the cover price per year.


Just a dollar an issue - $12 dollars a year - Fast Company is a monthly business magazine that reports on digital media, innovation, change management, technology, leadership, design and social responsibility.

Business Magazine - Technology

Everything you wanted to know about your PC in one place and one magazine. A terrific deal! Save 76% off the cover price!

Business Magazine - The Market

Business Week - Save 82% off the cover price! This subscription to Business Week is a great deal - If you buy 10 copies a year at the news stand, its about the same deal. Always a great tool for looking back on the way its been.

The Economist

Is the economy up or down - are we finished with Subprime? The Economist will help you figure that out.


Just a $1.00 an issue, which ads up to an 80% discount off the cover price. There are so many opportunities out there; this magazine will help you see them.




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